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No Sew Blankets

Help us to create some blankets for clients who are currently suffering from homelessness, new mothers, or other populations who could use more comfort during these times. Blankets will also go to support those who have been displaced by the fires. 

No-Sew Blanket Volunteer Project Instructions


Supplies Needed:
2 pieces of equal length fleece fabric (suggested length: 1.5 yd)Fabric scissorsRuler Pen or other writing utensilHard surface/table to work onPurchase desired fleece fabric at any craft store or online. You will need 2 pieces of equal length fabric in 2 different designs (one for each side of your blanket!).Gather your team of volunteers (friends, family, coworkers—anyone!) in a workspace.Begin by laying your fleece pieces one on top of the other on your work surface. Make sure the “right side” (the less soft side without design) is facing outside.Line up the pieces together and use the scissors to cut off any excess fabric, so they are the same size.Now measure and cut the corners. Use the ruler and pen to measure out a 4x4 in. square on each corner (4 inches in from the edge of the fabric, and 4 inches deep). Once you have measured, cut out these corner pieces and discard the fabric. Be sure to have cut both pieces of the fabric.Next, cut the blanket fringe. The fringe should go about 4 inches deep into the fabric and be about 1-2 inches wide. Simply make 4-inch slits with the scissors an inch apart from each other on every edge of the fabric. Be sure the cuts go through both fabric pieces.Note: you may wish to consider marking out the fringe with a pen before cutting if working with younger volunteers.Now tie the fringe! Take matching fringe pieces from the top and bottom fabric and double knot the tie, similar to knotting shoelaces. Tie each knot so it is tight, trying not to pull at the fabric too much.Continue tying the fringe until you have tied around the entirety of the blanket perimeter. Your no-sew blanket is now done! atimms@uwba.org for more information.
Why We Need Your Help: Where do these blankets go?
 A blanket is comfort. It is an object that can bring warmth and joy to someone battling illness in the hospital, braving cold days, and working through tough situations. By taking your time to craft this blanket, the person who receives this will not only receive the comfort of warmth, but the comfort of knowing you and others are bringing care and kindness to our community.

United Way Bay Area aids the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) as well as the Emergency Assistance Network (EAN) of Santa Clara County. These programs are in place to give to individuals in need of basic food and shelter, financial assistance, or emergency services. The blankets will go toward supplying materials to these programs and brightening the day of those being cared for.
Thank you for your supportive volunteer work!
Places to get fabic 

JoAnn Solid Fleece
JoAnn Pattern Fleece
Michaels Solid Fleece
Michaels Pattern Fleece

Check out this video for how it would go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTL6bEz8y5c

This project is still developing and we're happy to hear more about how you can help us to make 50 blankets. We are looking for people or groups who can donate or purchase material for the blankets. If that sounds like you. Please contact atimms@uwba.org for more details.

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